Software Subscription and Support provides customers with product updates and/or new releases of their licensed PDF Share Forms products.

Support is provided in the areas of installation, configuration and technical troubleshooting. Our email helpdesk answers functionality questions from both technical and business users. With Software Software Subscription, free-of-charge developer licenses are provided on a 1 to 1 basis with purchased production licenses.

Premium Support provides technical support consulting to resolve support issues that are best addressed by direct dialogue Live Support.

This is a step above PDF Share Forms Software Subscription and Support which must be in place for Premium Support to be purchased. Naturally, Premium Support customers receive higher priority service with our guarantee of meaningful support response by next business day. Also, unlimited developer licenses are provided to Premium Support customers.

Non Production Licensing

  • Non-production licenses (development, testing, acceptance etc.) can be purchased at 50% of the production license and software subscription cost.
  • Software subscribtion and support customers – each production license covered by Software subscribtion and support is granted one equivalent non-production license. These licenses are time-limited to coincide with the annual subscription period of the Software Assurance.
  • Premium Support customers – each production license covered by Premium Support is granted an unlimited* number of equivalent non-production licenses while the cover is in effect. These licenses are time-limited to coincide with the annual subscription period of the Premium Support.

Disaster Recovery Systems Licensing of fail-over servers and cluster based disaster recovery systems is determined according to the number of active instances that can occur simultaneously. For example, an active/passive or cold fail-over configuration does not require a separate license, while active/active or warm/hot fail-over configurations require every instance to be licensed. Please contact our sales team if you need licensing advice.

Product Upgrades and Version Updates

Upgrades and updates are available only to active software subscribers. PDFSharePoint software contains installation eligibility checks that may disable unlicensed installations.

* unlimited non-production licenses should be justified if number of non-production licenses exceeds 4.


I have an idea!

If you are using one of our products and have any good idea about what good feature is missing, please share your thoughts with us. Just fill-in small form and we’ll start working over your ideas.



  1. Does PDF Share Forms work with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation? Yes – absolutely! As well as with all SharePoint 2010 Server editions.
  2. Can PDF Share Forms both write and read information to/from SharePoint fields? Yes. It is completely bidirectional and can write and read values to and from SharePoint from PDF documents.
  3. Can it submit forms directly to SharePoint document libraries? Sure. That is what it was made for.
  4. Does PDF Share Forms require usage of Adobe Acrobat Professional? No. Adobe Reader is enough.
  5. Does usage of Adobe Acrobat Professional give me any advantage? Acrobat Professional has a bit richer functionality related to PDF document manipulation compared to the Adobe Reader, although it is mostly unused in form submission to SharePoint scenarios.
  6. Is there any relation between this solution and Adobe LiveCycle Server? No. The PDF Share Forms does not require usage of any Adobe technology except Adobe Reader which is used only for form rendering on client machines.
  7. What about forms that I have already created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES or Adobe Acrobat Professional? These forms can be reused and imported to our product using PDF Share Forms Designer as they would in any case require mapping and integration with SharePoint which is not implemented by Adobe solution.
  8. Can we also use our forms from Microsoft Word? Certainly. Still there is one limitation in our current implementation. As these forms are being imported through intermediate conversion to PDF documents, the field definitions may get lost as Microsoft PDF converter does not support PDF forms. So, all field definitions must be redefined over a layout that has been preserved from the original imported document.
  9. Why it is required to use Internet Explorer 9 or other HTML5 supporting browser. Can it not work with my IE7? The client runtime can work with any browser that is supported by SharePoint 2010 including IE7 – no problem here. The Form Designer component, however, that is used for form development, uses advanced XML-specific technologies that have become available only with latest versions of browser software such as Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 3.6.
  10. Can I transfer form definitions (templates) between my environments preserving all relevant information? Yes you can. Form definition is saved in standard XDP file and includes all relevant information like SharePoint mapping, field definitions and embedded images.
  11. Is it possible to define multiple perspectives for a single form? For instance when we are processing a form through the workflow and during different approval stages multiple people have varying representation of the form data. Yes. Use Views functionality to define different perspectives. You may also like to apply some logic to which particular view to display when certain conditions are met (stage of the workflow for example).
  12. What kind of licensing model for this product do you have and how can I install it on my environment? The licensing is working on per-web-frontend basis. We do also have a 90-days trial version so you could see how everything works. You can try to install the software by yourself, still we would rather encourage you to work with one of our partners (solution providers) who can help you unleash the full potential of this product. You may use our Contact us form to get more info