Our Team

Our team

Our team consists of highly professional programmers, technicians and managers. Every person in PDF Share Forms has from 5 to 20 years experience in software development, start-up run, enterprise system management, workflow and form integration. We work to make our customers and partners all around the globe satisfied with our knowledge, speed and responsiveness. Our team continues to receive growing acknowledgment from IT industry experts.

We are a truly feedback-driven, customer-centric organization, where every single customer opinion is heard and affects the technology roadmaps. Customer feedback is regularly analyzed on all levels, including senior management. Our customer service team is tightly integrated with R&D (software developers) to ensure 99.9% issue resolution rate.

Each PDF Share Forms sales person is backed by support representatives and software developers on all levels. Our goal is to provide real solution that works, not just software licenses. Our R&D budget is more than 50% of our total company budget, significantly more than the industry average. That means more customer dollars return in the form of technology improvements and new innovative products. All R&D is done in-house to ensure the best quality and consistency. Besides, our company founders bring more then 20 years of industry leadership and excellence.

Dmitry Ivahno, Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry is a co-founder of PDF Share Forms. He assumed his current position in 2011. Dmitry has a degree in business administration. He likes to bring together his two loves: technology and business.


Reneta Zvezdeva, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Reneta is responsible for driving global marketing strategy and company identity. Prior to joining PDF Share Forms, Reneta was the Global Partner manager with leading SharePoint consulting company. Reneta also served as a global practice manager for Europe SharePoint Consultancy, a program director for loan origination enterprise software company.