How to open PDF documents in Adobe Reader, not in the browser window

Posted by on April 8, 2013 in Blog Posts, Export

Open PDF In Browser WindowOur customers ask us sometimes: “We want all the files to be opened in new windows in Adobe and not open it in Browser”. It’s easy.

Open your browser settings (Tools → Options → Applications in FireFox), find every PDF or Portable Document Format instance there, and change the way such documents are opened — in browser or in Acrobat Reader.




  1. Great if you’re using Firefox but what your corporate standard is IE?

  2. There is no such “problem” with IE, since this browser is not equipped with built-in PDF viewer.

  3. Not a helpful answer @Octopus, in our office PDFs open in browser for both MSIE and Chrome.

    • This article is about FireFox. We’ll review, what happens with IE and Chrome and make update. Thanks for consideration.

  4. Love to know the answer for IE….even though the article is obviously about firefox

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